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Seventh Lyoko Warrior (Chapter 3)

The Seventh Lyoko Warrior
Part III: The Beast Within
As we left off, Michael has had a strange nightmare about him and a girl. But she disappeared as Michael was confronted by a man in a black suit.
Nix: That description is so vague! He could literally be talking about anyone! What skin color does the guy have? What about hair color? You could use that same descriptor for the Slenderman!

After he woke up, he ran away but he was confronted by Odd. As they got inside the gym to talk, they were quickly confronted by a Xanafied Jim. Knowing that Odd was in danger; he took off his necklace. What kind of secrets could he be hiding?

Nix: Stupid ones that don't fit in with the Code Lyoko canon.

As Odd was being choked by Jim, Michael ripped his necklace off his neck and let it hit the floor. But Jim was staring at Michael, wondering what he was doing.

Nix: But the audience was just raising their eyebrows and wondering when this became a Japanese magical boy anime.

"GET OFF!" shouted Odd.

Suddenly, black smoke started to leak out of strange cracks in Michael's skin. It started to rise as it started to wrap itself around him. It formed into a black cocoon that pulsed wildly. It bled shadows like ink in water. The air felt thick in the gym, like a single breath could crush your lungs.

Nix: Isn't the gym, like... super dark though? Since it's night out? Wouldn't it just look like he disappeared?

Odd felt terrified of what he was looking at, what was going on? His head was filled with strange thoughts as he noticed that Jim's grip was loosening.

Nix: Are you going to tell us these "strange thoughts?" This, my dears, is called telling. Instead of showing us what is happening, we are told like we are first graders. It's lazy writing.

He tried to get away, but Jim still had a pretty tight grip.

As the smoke ball started to disappear, all that was left was some kind of black furred monster. It wore Michael's cloths, but it wasn't him. It's form was completely different, more buff and wild. It had huge black hands with long ivory nails. Its face was flat, but still wolf-like. It even had wolf ears and a tail as well. Most of its fur was black but most of its face was covered in grey fur.

Nix: ... *hits the emergency back up button*
[A hole opens up in the ceiling and Neku Sakuraba falls onto a conveniently placed chair.]
Nix: *smiles sweetly* Welcome back to hell, Neku.
Neku: *glares* What the hell am I do back here?
Nix: Joshua’s contract expired and he had you listed as his replacement. So... welcome to virus-virtual-world-furry-hell. Be grateful that this isn’t even about you and Joshua romancing again.
Neku: you really had to fulfill his contract. But...whatever. Fine. Let’s just get this done.

Odd looked in horror at the creature he was staring at, a huge beastly wolf monster. It stood up straight as it looked at Odd. A jolt of terror hit him as he tried to get away but Jim's grip was too strong. He was staring right into the beast's blood-red eyes. They felt fierce, like they have a thirst for destruction.

Nix: Yes... I forgot to warn you about the author’s “wonderful” similes. They felt fierce! Like something that would be a synonym for fierce!
Neku: Amazing wordplay.

"What's this?" the Xanafied Jim asked in confusion. The beast opened its fists and hunched its back, ready to attack.

Before anything else could be said, the beast quickly charged. The beast slammed its huge fist into Jim and sent him flying in the rock-climbing wall. Jim quickly got back on his feet and charged towards the beast, but he slammed the back of his fist into Jim's chest and sent him flying again.

Nix: Neku, X.A.N.A. basically has that same ability as the Aqua Barrier psych. Apparently, this guy is stronger than whatever the fuck Shades turned into with Joshua because he can break that. Does that sound... over-powered to you....?
Neku: Like it really takes a genius to figure that out. And the writer actually thought that was a good idea? ...I don't get it.
Nix: Oh shit. Neku, wait. You’re gonna need this. *uses sporker powers to zap Neku full of Code Lyoko intel*
Neku: Hey—!? Rrgh! What the hell was that for?
Nix: Trust me. It’ll come in handy.

Odd looked up in horror as the beast looked right at him. Odd felt terrified for his life, could it be the end he thought.

Nix: Amazing. Odd has the best response to danger that I’ve ever seen. Instead of the freeze/flight/fight response he just has the freeze response and that’s it. It’s amazing to think that he survived all four seasons of the show with this crippling disability.
Neku: Hmph. I think I could act more scared of a bowl of ramen than that.

"Are you okay?" the beast asked.

"What?" Odd asked, trying not to scream.

Nix: Yes... Odd. Who has faced down X.A.N.A.’s monsters in the real world... who has been fighting X.A.N.A. for over a year by this point in canon.... is this scared and helpless.

"I said are you okay?" the beast asked again. Odd felt confused that the beast would ask him that. But the beast lowered his hand to help Odd up. But Odd looked away, trying not to freak out. "Don't worry, I'm not gonna hurt you. You can trust me."

Neku: I trust you, don’t worry. I trust that you’re completely full of shit. And maybe an alien, who knows.

Odd slowly reached his hand out when he suddenly heard the sound of falling rubble. He looked over where Jim land and watched as he came rushing at the beast. Sweeping the beast off its feet and slamming it into the floor. It tried to break free but Jim just kept forcing it into the floor.

Nix: *slips on shades* Watch out, Neku. It’s furry time. You might wanna cover your pure, unsullied, virgin eyes.
Neku: Very funny. But..."sweeping the beast off its feet"? Right. Sounds more like some kind of screwed up love story to me.
Nix: Exactly. That’s how I’m reading this.

It tried to grab Jim but he forced its hand furry hand to the ground. The beast tried to fight but it wasn't strong enough, it was useless.

Nix: “FURRY” hand. Not even trying to hide it anymore.

"It's over," said the Xanafied Jim.

"I guess it's over," said the beast, closing its eyes. "I can finally be with herXanafied Jim."

Nix: Much better.
Neku: What? Are you five?
Nix: Yes.

Before Jim could finish it off, he just collapsed on type of the beast. It looked up and saw that Odd knocked him out with a pipe. Still trembling, Odd reached his hand out.

Neku: “Type?” I think you mean “top.”
Nix: Well, he’s definitely “Xanafied Jim’s” type if you know what I mean.
Neku: Actually...I think I do.

"Are you okay Michael?" Odd asked with a smile. Michael smiled as he got up and dusted himself off.

"Impressive," said Michael.

Nix: That doesn’t answer his question.

"I am pretty cool," said Odd with a bigger smile. Michael walked over to where his necklace landed, picked it up and held it like he was gonna put it on.

"I guess I'm lucky today," said Michael, putting the necklace around his neck.

The cross part of the necklace started to glow with a strange feint light.

Nix: So the light attacked him? Or you misspelled “faint.”
Neku: Unless this is some kind of new video game, I'd say they forgot to use spell check.

It filled the air with a somewhat alien feeling. Odd gazed in confusion as the light engulfed Michael. But it quickly disappeared as Odd gazed in wonderconfusion. Michael was back to his human self, all pale and furless.

Michael looked down at the unconscious Jim as Odd's cell rang. He picked it up, it was Jeremy.

"Is everything okay Odd?" Jeremy asked over the phone.


"Yeah," said Odd, looking at Michael.

"There was an activated tower but we quickly took care of it," said Jeremy. "Did you see anything?"

Neku: Only a werewolf that didn't have anything to do with X.A.N.A.
Nix: Same old, same old.

"Oh yeah," said Odd. "Xana possessed Jim but we took care of him."

"We?" Jeremy asked. Odd felt confused, seeing Michael transform like that's filled his head with so many questions.

Nix: Such as: whether or not he was also a furry.

"Yeah me and the new guy," said Odd, trying not to say his name.

"Okay, tell me later," said Jeremy. "I'm gonna launch a Return to the Past."

Neku: Hold on...can he still do that? But I thought that would...wait. What am I even talking about? I don't even know these guys!
Nix: When I zapped you, I kinda imprinted intel on this show into your brain. But you’re also right. This was about the time that Jeremie figured out that doing a Return to the Past made the bad guy STRONGER, so he only did it when it was REALLY NECESSARY, like... people found out about Lyoko or someone was about to die necessary.
Neku: Wait. You did what!? Who said you could—ugh. Actually, never mind. Let's just keep going.

"Okay," said Odd, hanging up.

He looked back at Michael and felt sorry. Knowing that everything they did would be erased, Odd felt sorry because he couldn't ask any questions. Knowing that Michael wasn't gonna remember any of this filled his heart with pity. But he was getting the feeling that he'd be woken up by Michael's screaming, he felt obligated to know what that was about.

Michael walked over to Odd and looked at Jim.

"I guess you wanna know the truth," said Michael. Odd looked away, afraid to ask knowing what was coming. "I'll tell you since you're in this with me, I'm not like you guys. I'm a werewolf."

Nix: ..........Fucking hell.
Neku: Uhh…?
Nix: Enter me in the Game, I will die silently.
Neku: ...Right.
Nix: So--wait! How in the hell does him being a werewolf make him able to stare the X.A.N.A. out of somebody?!
Neku: The real question is how the hell do you let one fic get you so riled up? It's just a stupid story. The person who wrote this was probably ten.

Odd sat on the gym floor and welcomed Michael to sit beside him. Michael joined and started to explain that little transformation. "When I was born…I was born unlike any werewolf. I was stronger, faster and tougher. But at the same time, I was cursed to spend my life afraid of what I was."

Nix: So

"Afraid?" Odd asked.

"Yes," said Michael. "I'm afraid of losing control and hurting someone. Being born a werewolf…is very strange in my family."

"What do you mean?" Odd asked.

Neku: Because "being born a werewolf" apparently wasn't weird enough. Guess he's gotta ask questions.

"I don't understand it myself, but my mom and…my…dad are both human." Michael started to shake a little after he said dad.

Neku: So either he’s super special or his mom cheated and never told.

"You okay?" Odd asked. Michael looked at Odd and saw him giving a slight smile.

"I'm fine," said Michael. He looked away for a second but quickly looked back at Odd and stared at Odd's smile. "Wow!"

Nix: (as Michael) Wow! I’m so emotastic I didn’t even know that lips could do that!

"What?" Odd asked, looking confused.

"You're the second person I've told that I was a werewolf that hasn't even tried to run away," said Michael.

Nix: You know, Jeremie’s Return to the Past is taking a bit of time to take effect here, but the show was kinda guilty of doing this too so I’ll let it slide.

"Second?" Odd asked. "Who was the first?"

Nix: His dead female companion that every angst-muffin comes prepackaged with.

Before Michael could ask, a huge ball of light engulfed them. Odd felt infuriated that he couldn't get the answer in time. He'd have to wake up by Michael's screaming again, but he was actually looking forward to it.

Neku: Is this Michael guy asking us or answering us? 'Cause last I checked, he was supposed to be answering that question.
Nix: Infuriated might be a bit of a strong word there. Annoyed would probably be better.
Nix: Also who looks forward to be woken up to screaming?
Neku: Apparently that guy.

"AAAAAHHHHHHH!" screamed Michael.

Ulrich jerked out of bed and looked at Michael. Ulrich looked pretty mad but Odd wasn't fazed. Kiwi started to bark a little but Odd quickly hushed him up.

"Not again," said Ulrich. He threw the covers over himself and spoke under his blanket. "Can't I just get a little sleep?"

Before Odd could say something to calm him down, Jim opened the door and looked around.

"Who's screaming around here?" Jim asked. He looked at Michael and pointed his finger at him. "I know you're new and all, but don't do that again. If you do, you'll have something to scream about in detention."

Nix: Again: Jim isn’t an asshole like that. Jim is aware that he’s a new student, so he should be concerned as to why he is screaming in the middle of the night. Considering that he canon suspects the group of being up to no good, don’t you think it’d be more likely for Jim to suspect foul-play on their part?

"It wasn't him Jim," said Odd. Jim quickly looked over at Odd.

"If it wasn't him then who was it?" Jim asked sarcastically.

"Me Jim," said Odd. "I had a nightmare about giant mutant French fries taking over the school." Jim looked pretty confused, but he wasn't in any mood to argue.

Nix: Me Jim? Whoever he is, he’s my new favorite character.
Neku: Never mind the giant mutant French fry excuse.

"Whatever," said Jim. "Next time I'll put you in detention for a month Della Robbia." Jim quickly slammed the door as Michael looked up at Odd in confusion.

"Thanks," said Michael. "But why did you do that for me?"

"Because you're pretty cool," said Odd. He smiled as he went back to bed.

Michael looked at both Odd and Ulrich and smiled. He sat up and reached into his pants pocket. He pulled the picture of him and Liana and looked at Odd. He looked back at the picture and a few tears ran down his cheek.

Nix: As Simple Plan played in the background.
Neku: ...Classy.

"I guess I can hang here for awhile," said Michael. He looked out the window as the light from the moon shined faintly in the window. "But I wonder, how long can I go on thinking that I could belong here? My time of belonging ended when I lost you…Liana. Someday, we'll be together."

Michael put the picture back in his pocket and laid back down. He stared out the window for a few minutes before falling asleep.

Odd opened his eyes and looked at Michael. He overheard everything that Michael just said.

Nix: Wow, that’s kinda creepy. Unless you’re just listening in to like... have more information to give to Jeremie and the rest of your gang.

Scared at what he heard, he wanted to ask Michael about everything so badly that it could drive him nuts. Knowing that he's a werewolf, he was still wondering who Liana was.

Nix: Speaking of werewolves, one of the staples of all werewolf stories is their inablility to control themselves when they turn. How come he can control himself so well? I mean, I guess this is a case of Our Werebeasts Are Different, but you need to at least have Odd question that a little! He's gotta have some questions about what the hell is going on!

But he knew that Michael doesn't remember telling him, so he has to wait until he see's Michael transform again.

Odd closed his eyes and fell asleep. The rest of the night was peaceful, Michael didn't scream at all. At least now Michael can get enough sleep for his first class.

Find out what happens next in Part IV: The Girl of Dreams

Neku: ...Yeah, can’t wait.
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